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VALORANT – Yoru bug leads to deadly teleports

While the newest Agent Yoru is still being discussed in how and where he fits into the meta, a new bug is plaguing Yoru. A bug causes his teleport to be deadly to its user.

Usually Yoru’s Gatecrash ability is a powerful teleport tool that can be used in versatile ways, but now players have discovered a bug that can cost you the round.

When activating Gatecrash players have 20 seconds to teleport. A clip on Reddit has now shown that it can lead you to warping beneath the map if you use the ability as it times out.

So if you use Yoru’s teleport JUST as it expires, it kills you from r/VALORANT

It seems like the orb that you usually teleport to, disappears immediately as the timer expires. This causes the teleport to lose its target and default the player under the map, effectively killing him.


Riot has not confirmed is that is actually the cause for the issue, but the developer has promised to fix the bug with the next patch.

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Image Credit: Riot Games