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Rawkus is no longer coaching Sentinels

Rawkus took to Twitter last night to announce he’s no longer coaching Sentinels.  The announcement came immediately after Sentinels lost the first map in their NA VCT Challengers One matchup against OpTic 2-13.

To make matters even more interesting, Rawkus says he hasn’t been coaching the team for two weeks already.

Unfortunately for the FaZe player turned Sentinels coach, the only tournament that will go on his resume is VCT Champions, where Sentinels was eliminated in the group stage after losses to FURIA and KRÜ Esports.

The ex-coach also detailed the deal FaZe and Sentinels had in place for him. Both organizations worked out a deal after FaZe was eliminated from the VCT Last Chance Qualifier. Sentinels essentially borrowed Rawkus’ services while he was still contracted to FaZe, up until January 1st.

Both parties had been looking to finalize a new deal since then but due to buyout complications, the deal ultimately fell through.

“Contractually I have to change all my things back to FaZe but no intentions from either side to be a part of the team again,” he said in his Twitlonger.

“I’ve stated publicly that I only ever considered coaching because of the people who were involved and the environment that I was joining made it a perfect fit for me,” Rawkus explained.

Rawkus is now looking for a new team as a player, preferring certain roles such as Jett/Sova/Smokes/Sentinel, but willing to flex anything. Anything to avoid being part of FaZe ist seems.


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Image Credits: Sentinels (via Twitter)


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