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VALORANT Bug party continues – Astra returns as Cypher breaks the game

VALORANT players are currently unable to play as Cypher due to a game-breaking bug. In the meantime, Astra returns to the field.

The newest VALORANT update 4.04 has brought with it quite a few issues which Riot Games is currently rushing to resolve. First both Yoru and Astra were removed from the game for quite a while after bugs featuring the agents were discovered. They’re currently playable again after the necessary fixes have been applied. That wasn’t the end of the bugs however, as Cypher is currently disabled.

The reason why Cypher was disabled has supposedly been due to an exploit that surfaced due to an interaction featuring his tripwire. If an enemy walks through the tripwire (other factors also seemed to play a role), the server breaks leaving all players unable to continue, leading to the server needing to be shut down and kicking everyone out, as a Reddit clip shows. The exploit itself hasn’t been disclosed by Riot Games, so it’s mostly guesswork as to why Cypher was removed temporarily.

All in all, this patch hasn’t been going well for Riot Games and VALORANT, leading many players to suggest a test server that’s open to the public, similar to what they’ve got in other games, to be able to iron out these issues before a patch goes live. For now, we’ll have to wait and see when Cypher returns.

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