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How to play VALORANT deathmatch

VALORANT players have been asking for a proper warmup mode for a long time. With act two out, deathmatch has been added. But how does it work in Riot’s shooter?

With VALORANT coming out of beta, most players were looking for a way to get warmed up properly before playing ranked matches. Since Spike Rush didn’t satisfy that need for a quick hop-in gamemode, the new Deathmatch-mode is what it’s all about.

But the gamemode isn’t quite what you would expect from the name. VALORANT’s deathmatch is more similar to free for all modes in Call of Duty or custom CS:Go servers. The player spawns in randomly on one of the current maps various spawnpoints and then has to go up against nine other players.

How to play and win

FFA Deathmatch is a mode where you spawn in with nine other players and six minutes to get as many frags as possible. The first player with 30 kills wins the round, if no one reaches that in the time given, the player with the most kills wins.

There are no teams, no abilities and no spike. It’s just you and your aim against the other players. Because of that, agent choice doesn’t matter which is why you won’t be able to choose a character at the start of the round.

When you kill someone, the enemy leaves behind a health package. Stepping on it will fully replenish your health and shield and also refill your ammo without the need to reload. That way, you can go on huge streaks without having to take a timeout for a new magazine.

Don’t blindly run towards every dead body you come across though, as other players will also try to get healed up or even wait for you to run into their sights. Tactical play isn’t completely out of the window in this mode, which is great for warmup purposes.

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Keep one eye on your minimap. Every five seconds, the location of your enemies will be revealed on the map. But be aware that they can also find you on there. Being on the move for most of the time seems like a good idea.

Other than that, the rules are pretty much the same as in most other deathmatch modes. Don’t run out in the open if there are enemies nearby, keep your aim at head level and try to listen for footsteps. With some practice you should be able to get those wins and be perfectly prepared for your next ranked matches!

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