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VALORANT: New Agent unveiled

Just days before the offcial launch Riot Games has unveiled the eleventh agent for VALORANT. The newest addition to the FPS’s roster is Reyna from Mexico.

Riot showed off a short gameplay teaser of the new agent in action to announce Reyna’s entry to VALORANT.

What will the newest member of the roster bring to the table? Thanks to an early report by millenium.gg in Spanish we already have a glimpse of Reyna’s abilities.

Reyna’s abilities all revolve around her passive skill, which causes eliminated opponents to leave black orbs behind. These can be picked up for varying effects. You can choose either a heal (Q) or three seconds of invulnerability (E) depending on which skill you use to pick them up.

Her third ability is a flash. Reyna summons a sphere that she places on the map, enemies looking at it will be blinded as demonstrated in the trailer by Jett. According to the report her ultimate is a stim pack that improves rate of fire and reduces cooldown on her abilites. Using E (invulnerability) during the ultimate apparently turns you invisible.

Although the report offers us a small overview of the abilities we will have to wait until VALORANT’s release on June 2 to see them in action.

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Image credit: Riot Games
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