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Russian VALORANT players likely can’t compete at VCT Masters

According to recent rumors, Russian players might not be able to participate during VCT Masters.

Due to the current war in Ukraine, it’s unlikely we’ll be seeing Russian players compete at VCT Masters, as they would possibly be banned from the event. Some of the teams that have qualified for VCT Masters already have some Russian players in their roster, namely FunPlus Phoenix and the recently qualified Fnatic. The latter is rumored to already be in talks with possible substitute players, with BONECOLD being a much mentioned name.

FunPlus Phoenix boasts a roster featuring one Ukrainian players and two Russians, with the latter being Andrey “Shao” Kiprsky and Dmitry “SUYGUTSU” Ilyushin. It’s unlikely that the pair will be at the start of the tournament. Riot Games is currently still debating the issue and should be informing the teams of the status soon, but due to limitations imposed on Russia and the issue of travel, it looks like teams will have to find substitutes.

VCT Masters is kicking off on April 10, running until April 24. The tournament itself is played in Reykjavik, Iceland, which has previously played host to tournaments organized by Riot Games in both League of Legends and VALORANT alike. A total of 12 teams will be participating, brought in from around the world.

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