Vipers ult is causing problems
August 2, 2020

VALORANT – Viper’s Ultimate gives you wallhack

In VALORANT’s latest patch Viper received some desperately needed buffs. The community also found an unwanted side effect to her ultimate.

In update 1.04 little played agent Viper received some buffs to her poison abilities in order to bring her power level up to the rest of the agents. Her ultimate ability went through the biggest changes.

The Viper’s Pit now collapses after 15 seconds when Viper leaves the area instead of five, also it can be collapsed manually. Also, the enemies’ minimap will be hidden for as long as they stand inside the poisonous gas.

But besides those much needed buffs there’s a bug to the ability. When Viper uses it in specific placed on some maps, the players behind the cloud can easily see inside of it. All the people in it will not be able to defend themselves properly.

My friend found a broken post plant Viper ult on Ascent A site from r/VALORANT

With the bug a retake is impossible in some places, as the video demonstrates. A complete passage to the a site is blocked and enemies can’t retake from there.

According to the comments under the video the bug is reproducable in other places on other maps aswell and mainly happens when there’s multiple levels in height. The developers already reacted to the post and promised to fix it.

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Image source: Riot Games
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