VALORANT Skin Elderflame
July 9, 2020

VALORANT – Ultra Edition live dragon skin for $100

In an elaborate video trailer Riot Games introduced the first Ultra Edition Skin for their FPS.
If you always wanted a live dragon as rifle, now is your chance!

The new Ultra Edition Skin is called Elderflame and will be released on July 10. It transforms your weapon into a live dragon with custom animations.

Just how many weapons will be transformed is not confirmed yet, according to the trailer at least Vandal, Guardian, Frenzy and Operator will use the special skin.
Elderflame will also have a custom kill animation, just like the Prime and Sovereign Collections did. Suitably for the new skin it will come in form of a dragon.

Your knife will also unlock its draconic form with the new Ultra Edition Skin. According to Joe “SWAGGERAU7” Lee, Elderflame will be in stores for 9,900 VALORANT-points in total (2450 VP per skin). This translates roughly to $100 for the complete package.

The Ultra Edition skins will be the the second most expensive category of skins in VALORANT. Towering above the Select Edition (875 VP per skin), Deluexe Edition (1275 VP per skin) and the Premium Edition (1775 VP per skin). For the highest category Exclusive Edition the prices will vary.

Skins are cosmetic items to use on the basic weapons in the game, they do not feature gameplay effects. Other titles like Riot’s own League of Legends or VALORANT’s competitor Counter-Strike: Global Offensive also use a similar system for microtransactions. Skins can often only be acquired by spending real money instead of in-game currency.

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Image Credit: Riot Games
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