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VALORANT showcase YR1 event filled with exclusive items

VALORANT is one year old and to celebrate Riot Games will be launching VALORANT YR1, a whole month filled with events and opportunities.

First and foremost the Night.Market is open again, which offers players six random skins to purchase, all with discounts. Riot will also be releasing the Give Back Bundle, which can be bought and features gun skins, with 50% of the proceeds going to the Riot Games Social Impact Fund. Players are now able to vote on four of their favorite gun skins, with the bundle available for purchase from June 22 to July 8.

Riot is also releasing a player card set and players can redeem cards in multiple ways. While the first card (Episode One) will be redeemable through a VALORANT redemption page with the code YR1, the second one will be a Prime Gaming Drop (June 14), while the Episode Three card is earned by progressing in the free YR1 event pass. This event pass offers up multiple exclusive items which can be earned by playing the game and is free to all players.

Players can also vote on cosmetics for a community battle pass, which will make its way into the game in Episode Four. Finally Riot Games also went on to tease the newest agent in their blog post, briefly mentioning it and showing a small visual. Information on the agent remains scarce however.

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Image Credit: Riot Games