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VALORANT: Riot Games plans to tackle cheating issues

Over the past few weeks, more and more players have taken to Reddit or social media to complain about the amount of cheaters in VALORANT. As cheaters are running rampant, Riot has now confirmed they’ll be tackling the problem as soon as possible based on the feedback they’ve received.

On a Reddit thread complaining about the cheaters in the popular FPS game, RiotRayKay acknowledges the problem and says they’re looking into it. “Hey! Sorry about the cheating! We are aware and bans are incoming. While we can never stop all cheating we want to make sure that it does not affect your ranked progress. Our team is looking to make many improvements this year based on the feedback we’ve received and hard lessons we learned last year.”

Not much information was given on how Riot would be tackling the cheating problem as a whole, but it does seem like they have taken notice of the issue and want to do something about it. As VALORANT enters its second season, chances are we’ll get some more information about their anti-cheat measures soon and which form they’ll take.

Further down in the thread one redditor asked if players could get the MMR back they lost in a game where a cheater was present. Raykay called it “a cool idea” and “something we’d like to do” but admits that Riot Games currently has different priorities when it comes to VALORANT.

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Image Credit: Riot Games