May 14, 2020

VALORANT – Riot continues to fight cheaters

VALORANT had been marketed by Riot with their strict anti-cheat tool Vanguard at the forefront. But since the start of the closed beta cheaters have plagued the servers.

In a recent tweet Riot employee Philip Koskinas now claims that Riot has banned around 9000 cheaters already.

Vanguard works or does it?

Riot’s weapon of choice against cheaters has repeatedly been criticized as being too intrusive and a potential security leak. Nevertheless the numbers now suggest that Vanguard is indeed working out well in catching cheaters. On the other hand it is also appaling to see this many cheaters in a closed beta. There are no actual numbers public in regards to the active player base in VALORANT so we cannot judge if 9000 cheaters was a significant part of the players.

The number also does not tell us just how many cheaters are still running rampant undetected on the servers.


For the integrity of VALORANT it is important that the number of banned cheaters continues to rise. Even if that means that an even larger part of the community is cheating, but in the end nobody wants to play a rigged game in unfair conditions.

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