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VALORANT Patch 2.11 brings minor changes and possible new agent teaser

The final VALORANT patch to hit the game before Episode 3 starts is a rather light one, as the developers made mostly minor changes.

The update itself didn’t bring any really big changes to the table. When it comes to competitive play, a search bar was added to the leaderboard to easier find players, while Replication made its way back into rotation as a game mode. Other changes feature performance updates to the client and optimization to some environment and agents, alongside some fixes to the ping wheel and fixes to minor visual bugs.

On Breeze however, data miners and fans have looked far and wide to discover hints in the in-game teasers that came with the most recent patch. There they found a knife on the Radianite box, with fans concluding that the knife is a hint for the new agent, with it being shot out of the teleporter into the crate. The small easter egg might provide a hint to one of the agent’s abilities.

We already know that the codename for the new agent is ‘grenadier’ and that it might be another duelist. Riot Games already said they’ll be focussing a lot on gunplay with the new agent with recognizable abilities, that still add some new elements to the gameplay. We’ll have to wait until Episode 3 arrives to get a full reveal of the new agent.

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Image Credit: Riot Games
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