VALORANT's Guardian buffed in 1.03
July 7, 2020

VALORANT – Patch 1.03 buffs Guardian, adjusts surrender vote & more

Riot Games has announced Patch 1.03 for VALORANT. Especially the Guardian will receive substantial buffs.

With the upcoming update 1.03 Riot will adjust one of the more unpopular weapon choices. The Guardian will receive several buffs to make it more viable. It will not only become cheapter (2500 credits instead of 2700), its penetration power has also been bumped up to heavy (medium before). To top off the changes its rate of fire has been reduced to 4,75 (prior 6,5).

Riot intents to turn the Guardian into a more viable alternative to Phantom or Vandal with these changes. The lower fire rate is supposed to worsen the guardian in close quarters combat as the developers want the Guardian to be used primarily for long range duels.

Changes to surrender vote

Patch 1.03 will also feature adjustments made to the surrender vote. Riot will be lowering the pass requirements to 80% in unranked mode and enabling surrender votes on round 5. For ranked matchmaking the surrender vote still needs to be unanimous.

Besides this quality of life change Riot has also implemented a tournament mode for custom games, making things easier for casters, players and tourney organisers. Spike Rush has also seen some adjustments with a new orb called “Twin Hunters”. Using that orb will spawn two wolves who will hunt for nearby enemies.

You can find the full patch notes on VALORANT’s official site:
VALORANT Patch 1.03

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Image Credit: Riot Games
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