VALORANT Patch 0.49
April 29, 2020

VALORANT – New Patch introduces Ranked Matchmaking

The closed beta for Riot’s new FPS VALORANT continues to plow on. The upcoming Patch 0.49 will introduce ranked matchmaking to the servers.

Many players had been eagerly looking forward to ranked matchmaking in VALORANT. Even as Riot told fans to be patient the lack of competitive mode had many on the edge of their seat. Patch 0.49 will now provide a cure for their itch as ranked matchmaking is officially introduced to VALORANT besides numerous bugfixes that had plagued the beta.

Besides the new feature there had also been small adjustments to several aspects of the game. Omens ultimate now has a smaller radius for it’s sound trigger, but lost some invulnerability time to compensate. Another example are fixes to Sage’s wall to prevent absurd boosts from happening.

But not only gameplay was being adressed in 0.49 as agents Omen and Breach also received a graphical makeover.

Omen's new look
Omen’s new look
Ranked matchmaking

The meat of the patch is obviously ranked matchmaking. With precious ranks now on the line competition in VALORANT is bound to step up for everyone in the closed beta. Ranked will not be enabled immediately once the servers are online again as Riot wants to ensure stability before hitting the switch.


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Pictures via Riot Games
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