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VALORANT: Escalation, Replication and Snowball Fight to be rotated with every patch

Riot Games has released more information on how they will be rotating their game modes Replication, Snowball Fight and Escalation.

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Riot Games gave out more information about their limited time game modes, saying they’ll be rotating them with every new patch. “After Replication comes down, we’re going to transition to a new approach for making modes available to you. Namely, we’ll begin rotating existing modes (specifically, Replication, Escalation and Snowball Fight) along with our patch cadence—so about every two weeks.“

Some people have asked for all the game modes to be live at once, making it so they can play whatever game mode they want at any time. Riot Games decided against that idea, however, due to diluting the player base. “You might be wondering why we don’t just have all the game modes live at once. Great question! Simply put, having too many modes active at one time dilutes the queues for all of our modes… which in turn makes it take longer to find a match (or an appropriate one, at least) in any of them.”

Riot Games will be using this method of rotating the game modes for a while before making a final decision on the matter. “We’re planning to keep going like this for a few cycles, at which point we’ll reassess what to do longer-term (and how some of our other other cool things in the works are going).”

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Image Credit: Riot Games