May 6, 2020

Valorant – Basic Tips and Tricks to Start Out

VALORANT is the newest game to conquer Twitch by storm.  Since every Valorant stream can drop a key now there is a higher chance to get a coveted beta key for the game. So let’s go through a few tips and tricks to start out strong.
1. Choose an Agent that Fits your Playstyle

Unlike Counter-Strike: Global Offensive there are multiple agents in VALORANT, with each of them having a set of special abilities. Therefore it is important to find an agent, who fits your playstyle most. Are you more of a supportive player? Great, then Brimstone might be your agent of choice as you help your teammates by blocking off choke points with your smoke grenades.

While you should specialize yourself in a few agents, knowing the abilities of the others is also important and recommended. Doing so will help you understand what your teammates are planning and also give you the chance to anticpiate your opponent’s moves in every round.

You should also make sure to have a good selection of agents in your team and communicate with your comrades during the draft phase. Having too many supportive agents won’t work out well but having not enough will not be helpful either. For example, every team should have the agent Sage since her kit of abilities not only offers heals and a revive but also tons of utility with her slow orb and the ice wall.

You can read more about the agents in our overview here:
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2. Learn the Maps

Currently there are only three maps available in VALORANT. Learning all the angles as well as points of interest is essential in order to outmaneuver your opponent. While learning the map you should also remember the special abilities of certain agents. Some of them have abilities that travel through walls, while others can use their powers to get to elevated positions and might appear somewhere you normally would not expect an enemy to be.

3. Learn to Aim

Before jumping into a competitive match, you should get a feel for the guns in VALORANT. Thankfully the game offers a shooting range to practice with the various guns in the game. Just like Counter-Strike each gun has an individual spray pattern that you need to master in order to accurately shoot the gun.

4. Talk with your Teammates

The gameplay mechanics in VALORANT are mostly identical to other tactical shooters. It is important to communicate with your team and share vital information across the map. Try to plan and coordinate tactics or call an enemy position to ensure that your team will be victorious.

With these tips and tricks, starting in VALORANT will be much easier. But especially for players that have not played tactical shooters before it is important to practice a lot. Do not get frustrated simply because another player is better than you but keep playing until you beat him.

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Photo Credit: Riot Games
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