Nitr0 To 100Thieves
August 16, 2020

nitr0 joins 100 Thieves in VALORANT

After his departure from Team Liquid Nicholas “nitr0” Cannella quickly became one of the most sought after free agents. On August 14 100 Thieves snatched up “Captain America” for their VALORANT roster.

It did not take long for rumours to surface about nitr0’s upcoming transition to VALORANT. Now 100 Thieves has signed nitr0 to restructure their VALORANT team after disappointing performances over the last couple of months.

Reunion with hiko

The move to 100T also reunites nitr0 and Spencer “Hiko” Martin, who had been his teammate for around two years on Team Liquid’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive roster. With two legendary CS:GO-players on board 100 Thieves has now decided to completely revamp their roster and rebuild around Hiko and nitr0.

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Former 100 Thieves players Valliate, YaBoiDre, Venerated and Pride, who had all transitioned from PUBG were released as a result. Not an unexpected roster move as 100 Thieves did not manage to advance to the top 4 in past tournaments. Nevertheless Hiko had only good things to say about his former teammates:

As the current 100 Thieves roster only has two players remaining, we can expect more announcements to come soon.

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Image Credit: 100 Thieves
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