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Former Overwatch player ANS joins T1’s VALORANT roster

The former OWL Champion, ANS, has become the latest player to switch to VALORANT.

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T1 have continued to expand their VALORANT roster by signing former Overwatch League champion Lee “ANS” Seon-Chang. ANS joined the San Francisco Shock after the sudden departure of Jay “sinatraa” Won after winning their first OWL Championship. Over the course of the season, ANS cemented himself as one of the top DPS players in the scene. Particularly known for his excellent aim, ANS made a name for himself on hitscan heroes such as Soldier 76 and Widowmaker.

ANS’ contributions to the San Francisco Shock in part led to the organization finding their second Overwatch League Championship title. After the season ended, ANS stated he would be taking a break from competitive play, citing mental health issues. In T1’s announcement, it became clear that ANS was intent on returning as a professional player but this time in Riot’s tactical shooter, VALORANT.

Joining fellow former OWL player and sniper, Ha “Spyder” Jung-woo, ANS has become the latest OWL player to switch over. Though VALORANT is primairly known for taking players from the CS:GO competitive scene, some of the most recent success from past pros have come from Overwatch players. Rosters like FaZe have seen deep tournament runs off the back of players like Andrej “Babybay” Francisty. While now T1 is faced with organizing a 6-man roster, which always brings some logistical issues, if ANS can continue his level of play in a new game then he will be a menace in North America.

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