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FaZe wins first VALORANT finals in NA Challengers 3

After months of failing to qualify, FaZe found the top seed in the final closed qualifier.

FaZe Clan and 100 Thieves met in the NA Challengers 3 Finals and won the final qualifying tournament before the start of the VCT Masters. Ultimately, FaZe convincingly won their first final by sweeping 100 Thieves across two maps, entering the game with a one map advantage given their impressive run through the upper bracket.

This matchup saw a stylish clash as after dropping Dicey, 100 Thieves deprioritized the Jett Operator and have since primarily run with 5 riflers, Hiko occasionally picking up the sniper role. Adversely, FaZe’s composition is typically centered Babybay Francisty’s Operator play, which was highlighted in this series.

100 Thieves first picked Icebox after their incredible showing on the map yesterday against Luminosity Gaming. Asuna’s hope of recreating his highlight reel performance was quickly dashed by the ultra-aggressive FaZe squad, however. Constantly challenging Asuna and forcing the team to fight without their primary fragger, FaZe consistently put 100 Thieves at a disadvantage and were fearless in their individual matchups.

Even when facing a man disadvantage themselves, FaZe’s clutch players managed to pull out seemingly impossible rounds. Marved and Corey clutched out multiple rounds however Babybay particularly shined on Jett, making the most of his ultimate every time it was available.

Across the short series, Babybay put up 49 kills and average 194 damage per round, leading the lobby. Overall, FaZe was dominant and even beat out 100 Thieves on their best map, Bind, chipping down the 55% round winrate they had accrued over 31 picks.

Starting their Masters run against Xset on March 13th, FaZe will hope to build off this momentum.

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Image credit: FaZe Clan