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Evil Geniuses completely overhaul VALORANT roster, change three players

Evil Geniuses’ VALORANT roster is seeing some massive changes ahead of Masters 3.

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Evil Genisues’ VALROANT lineup will see three new faces before the VCT North America Stage Three. The organization will be parting ways with Aleksandar Hinojosa, Ronan “Osias” Javelona, and Claudia “Clawdia” Che. All three members were part of EG’s initial venture into Riot’s tactical FPS. After finding poor results in their tournaments thus far, it seems Evil Geniuses are changing their direction.

Mike “Pho” Panza, Brandon “Branted” Ballard, and Daniel “roca” Gustaferri will be added to the roster. Pho and Branted will be added as primarily flex players while roca will be among Evil Geniuses’ new duelist mains. The new trio are set to join Christine “potter”  Chi and Nolan “Temperature” Pepper who are carrying over from the previous roster.

Evil Geniuses paved the way in the early VALORANT scene as the first and only mixed-gender roster. Since then, VALORANT has expanded greatly into the space, adding Game Changers as one of their premier events. Potter remains as the only woman on the team.

Evil Geniuses General Manager, Andrew Barton, claimed that this team was fielded because they “can adapt with the evolving VALORANT meta.” VALORANT’s meta, especially going to Act 3 will see massive changes to Agents, abilities, and economy. Fielding a team that can keep up with these incredibly sudden changes will be important to remaining relevant in the future.

Evil Geniuses new roster will make their VCT debut later this week with the first NA open qualifier.

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