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Twitchcon set to return as an in-person event in 2022

If the COVID-19 pandemic and regulations allow it, Twitchcon will be returning to in-person events in 2022 at two different locations.

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Popular livestreaming platform Twitch has announced that they have plans to bring back Twitchcon as an in-person event in 2022. It’s an announcement that’s been welcomed by a lot of the creators on the website, as the last two years weren’t able to take place due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, they held an online event called GlitchCon to fill the void.

Twitch was still trying to cover itself as chances are regulations surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic can still get worse or more restrictive, but they confirmed they have plans to organize the event. For those who want to attend, Twitch announced that there’ll be two events, one in America and one in Europe. The one in Europe is set to take place in Amsterdam (July), just like the previous one that got cancelled. The one in America would take place in San Diego (October).

Twitch talked a little more about the event on their most recent blog post. “We intend for TwitchCon to return with TwitchCon Amsterdam in July 2022, followed by TwitchCon San Diego in October 2022. Of course, these are still uncertain times and our plans will remain flexible as needed. Our top priority while planning TwitchCon is safety, and we will closely follow local health guidelines and recommendations.”

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Image Credit: Twitch