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Dr. Disrespect and Twitch resolve legal dispute surrounding ban

The saga between Dr. Disrespect and Twitch following his permanent ban is seemingly over as both parties have settled the legal dispute.

The internet exploded when the news came out that Twitch would permanently ban Dr. Disrespect, despite him being a long-term partner on the website. Social media erupted and brought forth many theories about the reason behind the ban, but both parties mostly remained silent on the matter, as they resolved the matter behind closed doors. Leaving everybody guessing as to what the actual reason might have been.

Now Dr. Disrespect has posted a tweet with a statement on the matter, titled ‘moving on’. “I have resolved my legal dispute with Twitch. No party admits to any wrongdoing.” After receiving many questions asking if this means he’ll be active on Twitch again, it was quickly shut down. “In response to all your questions, the Doc will not return to Twitch.”

This does leave things kind of vague in terms of him being able to stream with other creators on Twitch. It’s also very likely we’ll never learn the true nature behind the ban, as everything remains behind closed doors and both parties have most likely agreed to not speak out about it as part of the settlement. In a way the situation may be resolved now, but fans and Twitch viewers are none the wiser about what actually went down.

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