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$30 million for streamers – Tencent launches Trovo

Tencent is not known for tackling things half-heartedly. The parent company behind Riot Games has now begun a frontal assault against Twitch.

Armed with $30 million Tencent’s new platform Trovo is going straight for Twitch’s current position as market leader. Although Mixer’s end last week heralded Microsoft’s exit, the wars over the lucrative streaming market are far from over.

$30 million for 500 streamers

In order to threaten Twitch’s position Trovo is willing to dig deep. Up to 500 streamers will be able to participate in the “Trovo Creator Partnership Program” for their share of $30 million.

To determine how much each streamer earns, they will be ranked according to hours watched, content and stream quality.

You can apply to the program via mail to partnership@trovo.live once you have at least 50 followers on Trovo and accumulated 400 hours watched.

You can get more details on the partner program on Trovo’s official FAQ

Live playback for $4.99

Trovo’s functions are very similar to Twitch. Streams are split according to games, chat and follow features work just like they do on Twitch. However To access 1080p streams, unique colors for your displayname and live playback users need to buy a monthly subscription for $4.99.

Trovo is currently still in beta, but can already be accessed and used by interested streamers and viewers.

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Image Credit: Trovo
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