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Neymar banned on Twitch

Twitch has been very trigger happy recently in terms of bans. Now the streaming platform has banned football superstar Neymar.

Recently the Brazilian PSG star has developed his streaming career in parallel to his feats on the pitch. Streaming games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for his fans, his channel has been steadily growing.

But for now that growth will be stopped temporarily. Neymar’s channel was banned by Twitch for as of now unknown reasons. It is also still unclear for how long the channel was suspended.

There are currently two speculative rumours going around in regards to the reasons. The first is in connection to the ongoing DMCA takedowns on Twitch. Neymar has also been using music in the background for his streams and might have fallen victim to the hardened stance of Twitch.

The second speculation centers around his teammate Richarlison. Apparently Neymar received a phone call from him and when replying to it accidentally revealed his number to the stream. Unsurprisingly Richarlison then got flooded by messages from viewers.

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