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Asmongold criticizes Dr Disrespect after he gives out NFT for his upcoming new game

After Dr Disrespect announced an NFT which links back to his game development company and new game, Asmongold wasn’t a fan.

At this point it’s no secret that Asmongold isn’t a fan of NFTs and he has spoken out against them many times. Now Dr Disrespect is releasing an NFT with his game development company Midnight Society, giving the owners some special perks when it comes to communication, private Discord servers and development of the game, Asmongold has said it’s not a good move.

While Asmongold again talked about his dislike for NFT, he also went on to say that this probably wasn’t Dr Disrespect’s idea and that it might be bad for his image. “It’s probably just his marketing, production or development team that thinks this is a good idea. He’s the face of their product and he kind of has to defend it. It sucks to be in that position but that just happens when you’re in a big organization.”

The NFT itself has also led to some backlash in the community of Dr Disrespect himself, with him now addressing those issues. “You don’t need to have NFTs to play the game. It doesn’t change your experience of the game once it is released and it will still be free-to-play. You can’t buy your way to win.”

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