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VALORANT – All Characters and their Abilities

Ten out of the twelve planned characters for VALORANT are already included in the Closed Beta. Here is an overview of them and their abilites.

As soon as more characters are revealed we will update this article.

How do the Characters Work?

Before we go into the details of each character, let’s take another look at how characters work within VALORANT. Each character or “Agent” as they are called has four abilities. One Signataure Ability that refills during a round and can be used freely and two abilities that need to be bought prior to the start of a round.

In case you do not use them, they will carry over to the next round even if you die. The fourth ability of each agent is the “Ultimate”. These abilities need to be charged first via Kills or the Orbs scattered on the maps before you can use them. As a trade-off these abilities can easily turn the tide in a round as every single one of them is very powerful.

But enough about the inner workings of the agents and on to their abilities:

Duelist Raze

Raze is part of the Duelist-Class. These Agents are supposed to start off a round by charging headfirst into fights. As a demolitions specialist Raze fits that description perfectly as she is well-equipped with mobility-enhancing Blast Packs and explosives to deal with enemies.

  • Paint Shells – Raze equips a cluster grenade that does damage and creates sub-munitions, each doing damage to anyone in their range.
  • Blast Pack – Raze throws a Blast Pack that will stick to surfaces. Re-Using the ability after deployment detonates it, damaging and moving anything hit.
  • Boom-Bot – Raze deploys a Boom-Bot, causing it to travel in a straight line on the ground, bouncing off walls. The Boom Bot will lock on to any enemies in its frontal cone and chase them, exploding for heavy damage if it reaches them.
  • Ultimate: Showstopper – Raze equips a rocket launcher that can deliver massive area damage on contact with anything in its wake,
Initiator Breach

Breach is a member of the Initiator-Class, which makes him one of the best agents to take Bombsites as entry fragger. His toolkit excels at disabling opponents with stuns or flashes to make them easy targets afterwards.

  • Signature: Fault Line – Breach creates a concussive quake in a straight line in front of him that dazes all players in its zone and in a line up to the zone.
  • Afterschock – Breach fires an explosive charge that pierces through walls and damages enemies standing near it
  • Flashpoint – Breach fires a flash charge into a wall that flashes enemies on the opposite side
  • Ultimate: Rolling Thunder – Breach fires a powerful seismic charge that travels through walls, dazes opponents, and knocks enemies upward
Controller Brimstone

Brimstone is one of the American Agents und his toolkit is all about air support. He can not only drop Smoke Granates in strategic locations, but also buff allies with a stim beacon as well as call in an air strike to flush out enemies.

  • Signature: Sky Smoke – Brimstone uses a map to call in multiple smokescreens that block vision.
  • Incendiary – Brimstone launches an incendiary grenade that coats an area in flames
  • Stim Beacon – Brimstone calls in a beacon that gives any player nearby a boost to fire speed.
  • Ultimate: Orbital Strike – Brimstone calls in a deadly orbital strike that strikes a targeted area repeatedly over several seconds for massive damage.
Sentinel Cypher

Cypher is your best choice if you like gathering information. The Moroccan Agent can set up various traps and cameras that make control of key areas a lot easier.

Cypher aus VALORANT

  • Signature: Spycam – Cypher places a remote camera that can be manually operated to fire tracking darts at enemies.
  • Trapwire – Cypher places a tripwire between two walls that restrains and reveals enemies who cross it for a short time. Can be retrieved and reused.
  • Cyber Cage – Cypher places a trap that, when activated, slows enemies who pass through it. Cypher can also detonate the traps, either one at a time or all at once.
  • Ultimate: Neural Theft– Cypher steals intel from a dead enemy, revealing the location of their allies.
Duelist Jett

The next Agent is Jett from Korea. She specializes in mobility to travel across the map at breakneck speed and overwhelm her enemies.


  • Signature: Tailwind – Jett dashes a short distance in whatever direction she is moving.
  • Cloudburst– Jett throws a smoke grenade that obscures vision wherever it lands.
  • Updraft – Jett launches herself upwards after a brief pause.
  • Ultimate: Blade Storm – Jett wields several throwing knives that deal moderate damage and kill on headshots. Getting a kill replenishes your daggers and you can choose to throw them one at a time or throw all remaining daggers in a short-ranged burst.
Controller Omen

Omen is your agent of choice if you like confusing enemies and striking from the shadows. He offers teleporting mobility as well as strong smokes and flashes to catch opponents on the wrong foot.

  • Signature: Dark Cover – Omen throws a stealthed orb that explodes into an obscuring sphere of shadow once it reaches its destination. Can be charged to increase its maximum distance.
  • Paranoia – Omen launches a shadow clone in a straight line that inflicts anyone it touches with blindness.
  • Shadow Walk – After a delay, Omen teleports a short distance.
  • Ultimate: From the Shadows – Omen can choose a place on the map to begin teleporting to. While teleporting, Omen will appear as a Shade that can be destroyed by an enemy to cancel his teleport.
Duelist Phoenix

The British Agent Phoenix stays true to his name. He wields flames, can form them to walls and even revive himself with his Ultimate.

Phoenix aus VALORANT

  • Signature: Hot Hands – Phoenix throws a fireball that covers a small area in flames after a short wait or when it hits the ground. These flames damage enemies but heal Phoenix.
  • Blaze – Phoenix summons a wall of fire that blocks vision and hurts anyone passing through it. The wall can also be bent when casting.
  • Curveball– Phoenix throws a flashbang that curves around corners.
  • Ultimate: Run it Back – Phoenix marks his current location and begins a short timer. When the timer expires, or if he dies, he respawns at the marked location with full health.
Sentinel Sage

Sage has a toolkit focused on supporting her team. But besides healing and even resurrecting teammates the Chinese Agent can also create walls and throw slow orbs to stall for time.


  • Signature: Healing Orb – Sage heals herself or a teammate to full health.
  • Barrier Orb – Sage creates a freely placeable wall, that can be destroyed or times out after 40 seconds.
  • Slow Orb – Sage throws an orb that creates a zone that slows anyone who passes through it, preventing them from jumping and emitting a distinct noise when they move through it.
  • Ultimate: Resurrection– Sage can revive a fallen teammate and restore them to full health after a short delay.
Initiator Sova

Sova also brings his special blend of archery to the playing field. Depending on the arrow of choice the Russian agent can reveal enemy positions or deal damage. He also has a personal drone to keep watch over more distant areas.


  • Signature: Recon Bolt – Sova fires an arrow that emits sonar waves that marks and reveals nearby enemies for as long as it remains in place (can be destroyed).
  • Owl Drone – Sova deploys a pilotable, flying drone to scout the map and fire darts that reveal enemies.
  • Shock Bolt – Sova fires a bolt that radiates damaging bursts of static energy on impact.
  • Ultimate: Hunter’s Fury – Sova fires up to three energy blasts in a line that pierces walls and travels the length of the map. Any enemies that are hit take near-fatal damage and are revealed to your team.
Controller Viper

The second American Agent in the roster is Viper. She is the resident expert on poisons and chemical warfare. However most of her abilities consume fuel, so players have to manage their ressources well to use her to her full potential.

Viper aus VALORANT

  • Signature: Toxic Screen – Viper creates a line of gas emitters that can be activated to create a wall of toxic gas at the cost of fuel
  • Poison Cloud – Viper throws a gas bomb that emits a cloud of poisonous smoke at the cost of fuel. She can retrieve the gas bomb and throw it again after a short cooldown.
  • Snakebite – Viper fires a projectile that creates a pool of acid, dealing damage to anyone caught in it’s radius.
  • Ultimate: Viper’s Pit – Viper creates a poison cloud that blankets a large area, As long as Viper is within the cloud will stay in place. Enemies entering the cloud will be revealed to Viper.

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