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Pokimane introduces donation limits

Pokimane has decided to introduce donation limits as the first larger streamer. Tyler1 has also voiced support for that, but not all streamers share the sentiment.

Iman ‘Pokimane’ Anys has established herself as a household name in the Twitch world. As one of the largest streamers on the platform she has acquired quite a amount of personal fortune according to herself.

That is also the reason why Pokimane has tried to convince her audience to stop donating money to established successful streamers or actors, who do not need their generosity.

Now Pokimane has officially limited the maximum amount of money that can be donated to her while streaming to $5.

Tyler1 in agreement

Popular LoL streamer Tyler1 has also started contemplating a limit on donations. As large donations require him to react to them unless he wants to feel bad about it.

Peer pressure on other streamers?

The limit on donations has sparked a lively discussion among the streamers. Felix “xQc” Lengyel has said that while he welcomes the change as the correct thing to do, he fears that viewers might criticize other streamers for not doing the same.

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