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Shroud calls out CS:GO for being ‘dated’

The former CS:GO pro has encouraged Valve to step up to compete with FPS competitor VALORANT.

The rivalry between CS:GO and VALORANT has grown ever since the release of Riot Games’ tactical FPS. Competing both for viewers and the same player base, the two titles have clashed countless times. In 2021, VALORANT had a breakout year as the esport completed its first VCT cycle and released an immense amount of content.

Reaching peak viewership numbers similar to that of CS:GO Majors all while recruiting countless former and potential CS players to join competing organizations. Riot Games maintained all of this while releasing a steady stream of new content, including cosmetics, Agents, and maps.

Former CS:GO player Shroud acknowledged on stream that Riot’s VALORANT is far ahead of his old esports. When asked what CS is doing following Neon’s announcement, Shroud answered “Nothing. F**king hell. CS, step your game up!” the streamer vented, “Valve is pissing me off. They’re letting Riot and Valorant walk all over them. They don’t care!”

“CS:GO is far from perfect. The game is f**king dated as hell. I mean, they just gotta work on it, you know?” Shroud continued, “Either they can do the DOTA 2 attempt and try to update it engine-wise. Or just make a whole new f**king game and get innovative.”

Valve has often been criticized for its rather relaxed and ‘hands-off’ approach. With Riot Games seemingly only ramping up its efforts in VALORANT, it seems many players, pros, and even streamers are now calling on the game to step up its efforts.

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