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Pokimane says Twitch contract is running out – Is a YouTube move in the cards?

Pokimane recently shared that her Twitch contract has almost run out, which might prompt a big move from the biggest female streamer on the platform.

With almost 9 million followers under her belt, Pokimane remains one of the biggest creators on Twitch. Recently she shared on Twitter that her Twitch contract is running out and simultaneously shared that she has a big announcement coming up. “After a wild 2 years, my Twitch contract ends today. I’ll see you guys February 8th for the next chapter, much love to you all!”

This of course led to many people speculating what her next move will be. Will she sign with Twitch once more or will she, like many others have done before her, move to YouTube? The current YouTube landscape currently harbors a lot of streamers Pokimane has played with in the past, and other big creators such as Valkyrae and Ludwig having recently extended their contract with the platform or signed with them, lending more credence to the theory of a potentially big move.

YouTube Gaming also chimed in on the speculation with a short tweet, teasing a potential new signing for the platform. Their tweet left five blank spaces for their followers to fill in, which correspond with the name ‘Imane’, Pokimane’s real name. We’re sure to get some more information next week, when the announcement supposedly is coming out.

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