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Logan Paul buys Pokémon Card box for $3.5 million which turns out to be fake

Logan Paul has been hardcore into Pokémon card collecting for a while, but one of his most recent purchases turned sour.

Influencer Logan Paul is no stranger to collecting Pokémon cards and opening up packs. Back in December he made one of his most notable purchases to date, as he paid $3.5 million for a 1st Edition Base Set Pokémon Card box, which is incredibly rare. Things didn’t go according to plan however, as many Pokémon card collectors came forward saying they suspect that the box he bought is fake.

Now Logan Paul has opened up the box, confirming that the contents are in fact fake, as it contained fake booster boxes. The BBCE, who authenticated the box initially, goes on to say in the video Paul posted why they confirmed it as the real deal, saying “There’s no evidence of tampering.” When the boxes were opened up however, all it contained were some G.I. Joe cards.

Paul reacted to the discovery during his video, being notably upset. “I’ll always be the one to look at the bright side, but right now it’s very hard. It’s so sad for all parties involved. Like the Pokémon card community, how many fakes are out there? […] I just went from 11 First Edition boxes, to 5. We got f***ed.”

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