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Following ‘hate raid’ on Pokimane: Twitch permanently ban JiDion

After initially receiving a 14-day ban on the platform, JiDion has now been permanently banned by Twitch following his ‘hate raid’.

On January 12, Twitch streamer JiDion spurred on his viewers to launch a so-called ‘hate raid’ on Pokimane, which filled up her chat with massive amounts of messages while she was streaming VALORANT with other streamers such as Valkyrae. Twitch responded to the situation by handing out a 14-day ban to JiDion, but now that ban has turned into a permanent one.

JiDion took to Twitter to share the information and also launched a hashtag. “My ban went from 14 days to a permaban. Please use #TwitchFreeJiDion for me boys.” He also goes on to say that what he did was a mistake. “In the end, whatever happens, I learned from my mistake and will do better in the future and I learned how much u guys really move me and I’ll be sure to never lose your guys trust.”

In another response video, JiDion claims that it was pressure from other streamers that rallied behind Pokimane that made his ban worse. “After other people reacted to my ban and voiced their opinion of it not being severe enough, my 14-day suspension turned into a permanent one.” Both Pokimane and Twitch have not reacted to the news as of yet.

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