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Controversial streamer Ice Poseidon steals $500.000 from fans in crypto scam

Controversial streamer Ice Poseidon has been under fire recently after stealing over $500.000 from fans in a crypto scheme, while refusing to give it back.

The news of Ice Poseidon running a crypto scheme and stealing from fans and others participating was first uncovered by YouTuber Coffeezilla, who covered the entire situation in-depth. He also goes on to interview Ice Poseidon where he confronts him about the scheme. According to Coffeezilla, Ice Poseidon urged followers and fans to invest in CxCoin, which was supposedly a platform for cryptocurrency donations centered around streamers, only to then run off with the money.

Ice Poseidon has been a controversial figure in the past, first livestreaming on Twitch, focusing mostly on Runescape and then his IRL streams before being banned permanently in 2017 when he was swatted on a plane for a bomb threat, something he allegedly planned himself. First moving to Mixer to continue his stream, Ice Poseidon has returned to YouTube ever since the platform shut down.

On social media people have been urging Ice Poseidon to refund the money, which he claimed is in his power to do. He however decided to keep the money and allegedly bought a new Tesla with it. According to him he’s “looking out for himself”. He did recently go on to give back $155.000, but after some research by Coffeezilla it became clear he only gave back $47.000, a fraction of what he said.

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