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Asmongold reassures fans: “I can’t imagine a world where I’m not making content”

It wasn’t that long ago that Asmongold admitted that quitting Twitch was on his mind. The streamer life wasn’t enjoyable, he struggled with his mental health and took a break to regain focus.

A second break was needed after he tragically lost his mother, but he returned a while later to the joy of his fans. He’s been streaming regularly since then, and he said he would never quit Twitch, with a caveat.

The health concerns of his mother were in fact the primary reason he started streaming, since he couldn’t leave the house much to take care of her, but needed to provide for his family at the same time.

Although quitting (Twitch) still crosses his mind periodically, Asmon said he’d never fully quit content creation.

“Would I ever consider changing careers? I think that changing focus is really a better way to say it,” he said. He explained that he’d focus more on making OTK content rather than quitting. “I can’t imagine a world where I’m not making content.”

“Whenever I’m not happy with my stream, or I’m not happy with something, I always think about quitting.”

Luckily, he can’t bring himself to quitting completely. Something thousands upon thousands of fans are relieved to hear.

Asmongold previously went on record saying that he would “probably do nothing” if he weren’t streaming. He’d be living off welfare and benefits.

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