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Asmongold breaks personal concurrent viewer record twice in one week

Asmongold is back, and he’s breaking records left and right. During his February 11 stream he amassed over 367,000 concurrent viewers, destroying the previous record of 285,000 he set just three days prior.

One of the most popular streamers to ever go live on Twitch only just recently came back after a nearly four-month break. With the Western release of Lost Ark, however, fans saw the beloved MMO streamer come back online.

To make the record even more impressive, Asmongold broke his viewership record while waiting for Lost Ark to load, after a server launch delay. The impressive amount of people in his chat didn’t seem to phase Asmon, as he casually mentioned he hit 300,000 viewers at one point.

He reminded his viewers to follow and subscribe, but being the person that he is, he stressed they could only do it with Twitch Prime. What followed were so many people subscribing that the volume of notifications piling up slowed down his pc.

All of this marks one of the most impressive comebacks in live streaming history. It wasn’t too long ago that Asmongold was very open in his struggles to stay positive and cater to improving his mental health, in combination with the responsibilities of managing a new esports organization. All of this was uploaded to his secondary channel.

Thanks to Asmongold Lost Ark could be found at the very top of the categories on Twitch and although the game’s release had enough hype around it, having Asmongold streaming the game will have helped tremendously as well.

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