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Will the Super League ruin FIFA 22 before Release?

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Since 12 of the world’s most famous football clubs revealed their plans for a European Super League the scene has been ripe with discussion.

For FIFA-Gamers worldwide there is another question looming over the establishment of a league competing with the UEFA and FIFA: What happens to FIFA 22 if some of the world’s best no longer play in the national leagues?

More Piemonte Calcio & Roma FC?

Currently we still do not know how the new Super League will affect the upcoming FIFA 22 game. But licensing can become a real issue as it is unlikely that the Super League will negotiate with a video game that is closely tied to FIFA and UEFA.

It does not take much guesswork to assume that more fantasy names and logos for the Super League teams are headed our way. With even more licensing problems KONAMI’s Pro Evolution Soccer might not look that bad and could mark a shift to PES 2022.

But would the Super League clubs be organised in their own league for FIFA’s Ultimate Team mode?

Messi and Ronaldo reunited in FUT 22?

Just like many aspects in the ongoing issue of the Super League it is still unclear how and if FUT will adapt to the new environment. If the 12 teams of the Super League depart from the national competitions as well they would no longer be covered under the current licensing contract, which result in one of two scenarios:

In the worst case the Super League teams will not make it into FIFA 22. That would also affect the ever popular star players like FC Barcelona’s Messi or Juventus Turin’s Ronaldo.

The other scenario would see them introduced to the game under a different name much like Pro Evolution Soccer currently calls the Premier League the “English League”.

In that case you could suddenly build teams with stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Kevin De Bruyne with easy links in Ultimate Team. Especially Ronaldo could see a resurgence as the Italian League does not offer many strong links right now. But even with those benefits the negatives might just outweigh the gains.

No more special cards?

As it is looking right now the Super League teams might be disallowed from playing in the UEFA Champions League, resulting in their players’ exclusion from the special cards from that competition.

Whether or not the Super League will be part of the weekly “Team of the Week” is also a question that needs to be answered before FIFA 22.

Will FIFA 22 be doomed by the Super League?

In the end the questions are hinging on how the Super League affects the current national competitions. Can clubs play in both? Will they be disqualified from UEFA and FIFA? And maybe more importantly for the videogame fans, will EA start licensing negotiations or will KONAMI try to get ahead?

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