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FIFA 21 – How to recognize Walkouts

Year after year the FIFA players chase after the elusive Walkouts in their packs to build their dream team in FIFA Ultimate Team. Here is how you can recognize Walkouts right away.

Rare cards, board cards or Walkouts, observant players could tell which type of card they got. Here is our guide to the special animations of FIFA 21 to determine which card you just pulled.

46,000 FIFA Points for a Walkout

Streamer LPMassive immediately splurged on FIFA 21 by buying 984,000 FIFA Points for the new title. It took him 46,000 FIFA Points to get his first Walkout. Roughly 460€ for a single 88 rating Walkout is quite excessive.

How to recognize Walkouts

During the Pack Opening animation players can already see if their pack will have a Walkout.

How to tell if a pack is a walkout, board, rare gold or non-rare from r/FIFA

As can be seen in the Reddit post there are several indicators, which tell you how rare your card is going to be.

  • Non-Rare Gold Cards have a dark frame and work as the baseline for all other Cards.
  • Rare Gold Cards have an additional golden glow in the upper left and lower right. Next to the door three lights will also be active for a Rare Gold Card.
  • If you get a Board Card (83+ Rating) you will see a national flag in the tunnel before entering the stadium.
  • If you are lucky enough to get a Walkout, the first light on the left side of the door will remain unlit.

You can use the videos above to train your eyes to recognize those indicators fast.

Hopefully you can now recognize Walkouts at a glance. Join the FIFA 21 discussion on social media or our Discord!

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Image Credit: EA Sports


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