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Anders Vejrgang – 14-year old superstar: “My goal is to become world champion in FIFA.”

Anders Vejrgang is the current shooting star of the FIFA scene. Undefeated so far in the Weekend League, the 14-year old has ambitious goals. Even if he is not yet allowed to play in the larger tournaments.

We caught up with the star, who currently plays for RBLZ Gaming in a written interview and he has given out a clear message of intent: “I absolutely don’t see a reason, why I cannot participate in international competitions.”

Anders Vejrgang is not alone in his assessment. Other personalities have already said that they just don’t understand why the potential best player in the world right now is absent from tourneys.

The official ruleset disqualifies him due to his age, for Vejrgang a relict that needs to change: “I do not comprehend that. In Fornite 13-year old players can compete in the World Cup. FIFA’s rules only allow competition starting from age 16.”

500€ to start with

While Vejrgang might not be able to compete at FUT Cups his current team RB Leipzig is already paying him a salary. He did not let slip just how much he earns but together with an intital budget of 500€ he keeps investing in his Ultimate Team in FIFA. His smaller winnings from various tournaments are also used in the same way.

As of now the Danish prodigy is still undefeated in the Weekend League and has racked up a streak of 210 wins.

Vejrgang also enjoys the support of his environment:
“My family, my management and my team help me out so much in everything.” During his last stream more than 54,000 viewers tuned in to see him win. Even other Danish esport stars like CS:GO’s device and kjaerbye had been spotted.

Too young for esport?

Two years ago Vejrgang already made waves in the scene, but now his winstreak has earned him all the attention in the world. Is he too young to face the competitive esports world? An unnecessary question for Vejrgang: “Esport is an athletic competition. I am playing a digital football simulaiton. In tournaments I can already compete with the best players of the world. It opens many career perspectives for me and more importantly, it is my hobby and I enjoy it.”

But even if it is an enjoyable hobby the blond shootingstar has a dream: “My goal is to become world champion in FIFA.”

A goal that will be out of reach for him in 2021 due to the age restriction.

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Image Credit: RBLZ
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