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FIFA 20: No-Loss-Glitch running rampant in Weekend League

The weekend league has always been the most important mode in FIFA 20’s FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT). But currently there seems to be a glitch endangering the competitive integrity.

More than 100 players managed to score a perfect 30 victories out of 30 matches during the last Weekend League. But maybe that record should be put under scrutiny. Abusing a glitch in FIFA 20, there is currently a way to prevent losses from registering.

FIFA 20 professional Harry “Honey Badger” Blackmore posted a tweet exposing his opponent’s abuse:

More evidence in replays

To further the case against the accused player “SaLoOoM_14” a look to the “Champions Channel”, an online archive of all FUT matches is sufficient. Instead of the usual 30 there are 52 entries for him from that weekend.
But interestingly enough his stats still show a pristine record of 30-0 and many of his entries are tagged as “DNF” (Did Not Finish). In one of the matches SaLoOoM_14 even conceded a goal in the 90th minute and immediately interrupted the match. The match was tagged as DNF and did not register as a loss for the Weekend League. Especially with the ongoing Team of the Season packs as rewards for placing high in the Weekend League competitive integrity is important.


It is unclear how exactly the glitch works, but it is quite the glaring issue that EA needs to address.

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Image Credit: EA Sports/pixabay
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