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Scripting in FIFA? – EA Sports hit by lawsuit

Are FIFA games being manipulated? Several FIFA players are convinced and have launched a lawsuit against EA Sports.

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For seemingly as long as the game has been around the community had been speculating and discussing the possibility of Scripting in FIFA.

Is the game dynamically adjusting values during a game? Is the engine responsible for passes missing or worse finishes if you are in the lead?

Three players in California are convinced of it and have now launched a a lawsuit against EA Sports. The plaintiffs accuse EA of false advertising and unjust enrichment among other allegations.

Scripting in FUT?

According to the plaintiffs EA Sports is abusing Scripting in the form of Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment to make matches closer than they should be. Thus enticing players to buy more packs for better players in FUT.

Other franchises of EA Sports like NHL or Madden are also affected by those practices according to the plaintiffs. Answering those accusations EA has released the following statement so far: “We believe the claims are baseless and misrepresent our games.”


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