September 20, 2020

More signings for Cloud9 as woxic and mezii join CS:GO roster

After Cloud9 announced they would be revamping their CS:GO roster we already saw Alex “ALEX” McMeekin join the roster, but now they’ve also picked up Özgur “woxic” Eker and William “Mezii” Merriman. They’ve now got three of five starting spots filled as Cloud9 looks to complete their roster.

Like they’ve done with ALEX, Cloud9 also released the contract details for the two new signings. Woxic will be joining Cloud9 after a transfer fee of $296.000 with the deal valued at $1.365.000, while Mezii’s deal is worth $426.000 after a transfer fee of $83.000.

HenryG elaborated on the woxic deal in a longer blog post. “Famed among fans and feared by his peers for his ruthless playing style and unrelenting aggression, Özgur (woxic) has been the dynamo powering some of the most unforgettable and exhilarating Counter-Strike results of the last few years.  As such, it is an honour and a privilege to welcome such a fierce fighting spirit to this new Cloud9.”

In an interview with HLTV woxic also reacted to joining Cloud9, leaving mousesports and talking about his ambitions with the roster. “We have to win Flashpoint, this is going to be our first big challenge. We haven’t talked about other tournaments yet, but of course everyone wants to win a Major, we want to bring one more to Cloud9. Before I stop playing this game, I want to win a Major.”

When it comes to Mezii, HenryG admits to the gamble he’s taking with him but says he’s convinced of his skills. “Let me tantalize you further by revealing that he is quite the clutch player, calm under pressure and maintains the stiff upper lip UK CS has regrettably lacked for a long time. I expect him to be a soothing complement to some of our more intense personalities. If he’s half as good as I think he is, having studied his demos for months now, then trust me: it’s all gravy.”

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Image source: Dreamhack
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