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FaZe.Broky: “mibr should be an easy win for us”

We sat down with FaZe Clan’s Helvijs “broky” Saukants a day after their loss to Heroic to discuss a couple of questions. The young talent gave us some insight regarding the recent addition of Kjaerbye and how he deals with pressure.

esports.com: FaZe Clan unfortunately started out ESL One Cologne 2020 with a loss to Heroic. Can you elaborate a bit on the problems you encountered?

broky: We lost to Heroic because of our lack of preparation. We only had 6 days to train before the match since Kjaerbye had a vacation right before Cologne. So for each map we only had 2 days of practice. Heroic also played on fire.

Your next opponent will be mibr. Are there any things that you have to look out for?

I don’t really think so. It should be an easy win for us. They have not looked good so far in the tournament.

Are you just as confident in making it out of the Lower Bracket to the playoffs?

I can say that I am confident, since we will have more time in practice. If we hit our shots, communicate clearly we should not have any problems. If we wake up and have a bad day, don’t hit our shots, lack communications we might not make it.

FaZe Clan has recently replaced Aurimas “Bymas” Pipiras with Markus “Kjaerbye” Kjærbye. How well has he fit into the team?

I think he is a pretty fine guy. After he joined he was fine with taking any positions we had open after Bymas left the team.

Can you give us some insight on the roster move? Why was Kjaerbye chosen over Bymas?

That’s a bit hard to say, but maybe inexperience? That was the main thing probably. Bymas has really good gamesense and is a good player but he lacks experience.

Speaking of lack of experience, you yourself are still rather new to the tier 1 scene. How difficult was it to adjust playing on FaZe Clan in comparison to your teams before?

Actually it was kinda hard. There was a lot of pressure because I was the new guy, who has not played on tier 1 teams before. But I did my best and now I am still here.

Considering your strong performances since starting for FaZe Clan you have dealt extremely well with the pressure. What is your secret?

I dont know, go for exercise maybe? I go for runs after games to calm my mind.

Due to the ongoing pandemic Counter-Strike tournaments have moved online to continue playing. How has the transition to online play affected you?

After the pandemic hit the tournament circuit, a lot of tournaments were happening. Tournament after tournament. After a while I started to get more anxious and it was harder to sleep some days.

So it was a lot more stressful because of the sheer amount of tournaments?


In terms of dealing with stress and burn out Counter-Strike teams like Astralis and most recently mousesports have started to build up rosters with more than 5 players. Do you think that that is the future of CS:GO?

Maybe that is one way to deal with it. Maybe another way would be maybe tournaments can clear up the schedule more

Thank you very much for the interview. Any shoutouts?

Thanks to everyone watching us in this hard time with the pandemic. We will give our best.

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