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Hellraisers decide to suspend operations during war in Ukraine

Esports organization Hellraisers has released a statement saying they’ll be suspending operations for the duration of the current war in Ukraine.

Both the Hellraisers CS:GO and Dota 2 teams include Russian individuals, leading to the organization making the decision. “Our staff includes people with Russian passports and they are still with Ukrainian colleagues in Ukraine. They are also under the attack of Putin’s army.” […] “The Hellraisers Project can’t keep working in a current situation and will be on hold until the war ends. We don’t know how long it will be.”

Hellraisers ensure that players, coaches and other staff members will retain their jobs after the suspension of operations. “All the staff will save their jobs in the organization and will continue their work after the war ends. Also, Hellraisers will support their employees and pay them a salary, even while the project will be on hold.”

When it comes to the teams themselves, Hellraisers says the CS:GO roster will be completely on hold, while the situation is slightly different on the Dota 2 side of things. They will keep playing under a different banner. “The Dota roster will keep playing together with all five players, but with another tag, which they will choose by themselves. Stay safe, take care of yourself.”

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