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After investigation in SEA DPC Qualifier: 10 players, including VtFaded, banned from Valve events

Things have taken a big turn following the SEA DPC Open Qualifier, as ten players out of Team Orca and Apex have been banned from Valve events.

The SEA DPC League posted a tweet stating they’ve gone ahead and disqualified both Team Orca and Team Apex after evidence of match-fixing surfaced, even going back to the BTS Pro Series. “Update on DPC SEA Disqualifications and Bans: During the recent DPC SEA Qualifiers, evidence shows that Team Orca players used Team Apex accounts to compete on their behalf. This is an unacceptable breach of competitive integrity from both teams.”

Among the list of banned players we find Cheng “vtFαded” Jia Hao, who already received a one-year ban in the past for playing on a smurf account in the Open Qualifier of SEA DPC 2021. VtFaded himself took to Twitter to defend himself, admitting to some players of Team Orca account sharing but involvement. “I really have no idea with regards to uncovered evidence of match fixing. I will try to gather some information that I can and hopefully appeal to Valve that I have no involvement and am innocent from match fixing, as well as accusations of sharing accounts.”

Team Orca was subsequently also banned from all BTS tournaments and events after they also uncovered account sharing following an investigation. “BTS have made the decision to ban Team Orca & Team Apex players from competing in future BTS events following the recent investigation which revealed Team Orca players competed in Apex’s matches during DPC Qualifiers.”

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Image Credits: BTS (SEA DPC)
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