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Ex-girlfriend accuses CS:GO caster HenryG of sexual assault

Update: The situation has since developed further as HenryG has responded to the accusations. Kelly Jean has also given another statement in response to that. More details can be found here:

HenryG responds to accusations

Original news from June 22:
Henry “HenryG” Greer, current CS:GO caster and former professional player, was accused of sexual assault and abuse by his ex-girlfriend Kelly Jean on Twitter. She tells her story in a Twitlonger post.

According to Jean the incident took place during New Years Eve, when she went to see HenryG after spending time with friends. After smoking marijuana, Jean explains HenryG initiated sex after she specifically told him she wasn’t interested. She also says HenryG admitted to and apologized for the incident later, as she included a screenshot of their conversation on Discord.

Aside from the sexual assault accusations, she also accuses HenryG of emotional abuse. “Henry weaponised what I felt most sensitive/insecure/painful of, as a way to hurt me when he was angry. These things never had anything to do with an initial argument.” Jean also talks about the reason she made everything public. “I gave him ample time (over two weeks) to reflect and apologise. He has not and so I do not believe he has changed positively at all. I hope he will, but he won’t if he isn’t held accountable.”

To close out her statement, Jean thanks all the women in the industry that recently came out with their stories. As of now, HenryG himself has not responded to the accusations made by Jean.

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