September 7, 2020

Cloud9 making major changes to CS:GO roster

Cloud9 is set on returning to winning ways and will overhaul their CS:GO division to achieve that goal. They’ll be looking to let their current players depart to other teams before assembling a new squad to compete at the highest level once more.

The overhaul was announced by a video that was posted to YouTube and a blog post on their website, where the CS:GO roster reflects on the past year. Despite some good results early on in the year Cloud9 wasn’t reaching the level they wanted to reach, leading to the roster changing.

The CEO of Cloud9 Jack Etienne also spoke out about the decision in the blog post. “We’re entering a new stage in our CS:GO development, and we’re really excited to show our fans and community what we’ve been working on. We’re grateful to our existing roster and all their hard work and determination – as we enter this next chapter, we’re dedicated to finding them a new home that will empower their continued growth.”

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It’s been a while since Cloud9 has been at the top of the CS:GO scene as they struggled to return to the level they reached back in 2018. The organization also struggled to maintain balance and a stable roster, making it harder to return to top form. It’ll be interesting to see which direction Cloud9 takes for its new CS:GO roster and which players they’ll attract.

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Image Credit: Cloud9
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