October 14, 2020

FIFA 21 – All Season 1 objectives

FIFA 21 has weekly challenges with good rewards and a lot of experience points to be gained. Here you can find all recent challenges and what you can get by completing them.

FIFA 21 helps out new players: The first few levels can be grinded easily by completing the season’s weekly challenges.

The first challenges are simple tasks like trying out the Squad Battles game and Division Rivals modes. The bronze challenges in FIFA 21’s first week are friendly towards new players.

The challenges actually become challenging after the first few levels though. The silver and gold objectives require presice centering and Finesse-Shots.

What can be gained?

All week one challenges combined grant you close to 12.000 XP. That is sufficient to reach level two in season 1 and to collect a coin boost of 500. Those may be untradeable but can still be used to open packs.

Even though all of the challenges are divided by weeks, they can be completed in the time span of two weeks. While new challenges are unlocked, you can still take on last week’s. That way, you will not miss the XP.

Trying really hard, you can receive top tier rewards. More XP equal a higher level which equals more rewards. With a high level, you can get some very good player cards.

Players that reach level 30 receive an untradeable card of Alexandre Lacazette.
Which objectives are the most important?

The Weekly Objectives will be announced by EA week after week – people who want to level fast should watch their social media. They are released every Friday at 7pm.

Ones-to-Watch-Challenges can also unlock players from time to time. In general, FIFA 21 always offers a decent amount of additional challenges for quick players that take some time to complete.

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Image source: EA Sports
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