April 24, 2020

FIFA 20: TOTSSF Community’s Choice revealed

Towards the end of every season EA releases the FIFA Ultimate Team of the Season (TOTS). Since most leagues have suspended play or ended the season early, this year’s edition will be called Team of the Season So Far (TOTSSF).

FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) is the long standing most popular gamemode of the FIFA series, which regularily introduces special time limited cards. The best are usually the TOTS-cards:

TOTSSF starts with the community’s choice

Among the highlights of the players’ choice are the following:

  • CM: Thiago (FC Bayern München, Spain) – 93
  • CB: Piqué (FC Barcelona, Spain) – 93
  • GK: Courtois (Real Madrid, Belgium) – 93
  • CB: Gomez (FC Liverpool, England) – 93

EA also announced the TOTSSF of the EFL:

Although the EFL is not the best league to use for FUT, these players open up a couple of interesting English and Brazilian players to link via nationality.

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Pictures via EA
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