How To Get A Free CSGO Server
September 21, 2020

You can set up your own CS:GO training server for free

There are many obstacles new CS:GO players and teams need to overcome on their journey. One of them is practicing new grenade lineups and strategies. Now you can do that on your own server for free.

While there are several tools out there that let you learn the most important grenades, spawn timings and more in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, practicing those together with other players often proves to be quite the hassle.

To learn setups and strategies together with your friends or teammates, you most likely need a private server on which you can install various plugins. Running those is a cost factor many new teams are not prepared to pay for, but on Reddit a way has been found to circumvent that.

Getting a free CS:GO server for a year

A generous Reddit user called k97513 posted a thread in which he meticulously elaborates how to set up your own CS:GO server that you can run for free for about a year. His method involves Google’s hosting service Google Cloud.

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The tech giant grants you a trial year when using the service, which is $300 in credit. With that, you can set up a server that smoothly runs for team practice and even one that has enough power for 5v5 matches, in case you want to try your new strategies against other teams.

If you want to learn how to set up your own server, check out his reddit post here. The steps are explained in detail and very easy to understand. k97513 even explains how to install the most important practice plugins that will make your life easier.

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