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Who will be the final Chinese team to make it to TI10?

After years of stagnation the chinese region is readying up and coming to reclaim its former glory.

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With four chinese titans already directly invited to TI10, there is only one spot left. Who will be the final representative of Dota 2’s strongest region?

Unstoppable power

Last time The International was held it took place in the majestic city of Shanghai, but even with a home side advantage the Chinese teams were a big let down. They had already lost TI8 in what should have been a Chinese win due it being an even number, only for TI9 to end in an EUW vs EUW final on their homesoil. Humiliated and defeated as the region might have been, now it seems like they have returned with a vengeance

Both Majors this year have been won by Chinese teams in the form of Invictus Gaming and LGD.PSG, while teams like Vici Gaming and Team Aster have been close behind showing great results of their own. With four teams already invited one might think the talent pool in China must be running dry at some point but this is where they are wrong.

Not only does China host some of the world’s strongest teams right now, it also has an incredibly deep talent pool. A multitude of juggernauts waiting in the wings for their opportunity to show the might of the Chinese region. Only one more of them will be granted the privilege of representing the Chinese region at the biggest esports event in history.

The Chinese All-Stars

Looking at the roster of Elephant you can really only have one thought: “Why are all the best players of china together in one team?” Eurus, Somnus, Yang, Fy and Super. All of them are players that have attended a medley of different TI’s and were all seen as the best in the world at their positions at different points in time. An All-Star squad that is coached by one of the most experienced coaches of the region, rOtk.

In theory this team possesses the talent to make it all the way to the next TI Grand Final, but in practice they have been just short of international glory multiple times now. If the team can find their way however, and manages to combine the ludicrous skill of their players into a singular fist. This team should be able to easily win these qualifiers, and maybe even the next International.


Ehome is not LGD.PSG, but a time traveler from two years ago who would look at their teams players might think so. With the heart of the former LGD.PSG squad now playing under the EHOME banner this team has the competitive experience to be able to endure the toughest of punishments. Nonetheless the team has had difficulty performing domestically, never quite cutting it, against their titanic opponents. If the team can channel their former glory however, and prevent Sylar from falling, they might be able to make their way to the biggest stage in the world.

The Chinese breeding ground

The last team to have a good shot at qualification are the golden warriors of RNG. This team is often used as a breeding ground for chinese talent. Picking up players as pubstars, only to sell them to the bigger teams later as well oiled dota playing machines. This explosive talent means that while they tend to be inconsistent. RNG always has a good shot at causing upsets when their young blood finds its way into their opponents wounds.

The Chinese region possesses an incredible depth of teams and talent. Furthermore they possess an incredible drive to reclaim their former glory, and once again perform at the biggest stage in the world. So while you might sleep during some of their games due to timezones, it’s time to wake up. Because nobody should sleep on the power of the chinese region.

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