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Updates to maps and ping issue solved for CS:GO in newest patch

In a new update released to CS:GO, Valve decided to tackle the ping system, while also bringing some changes to a few of the maps.

With the release of Broken Fang, CS:GO also implemented a brand new ping system, which now sees some changes following some issues. One of these issues was the abuse of pings, which highlighted enemies and allowed players to spam pings through smokes to find where enemies were hiding. Going forward, pings will no longer highlight enemies to tackle this issue.

Furthermore, a total of 4 maps received updates as well. These maps are Anubis, Apollo, Engage and Frostbite. The changes to Apollo and Frostbite were seemingly the most impactful ones, as some notorious exploits were removed, such as a spawn boost exploit, clipping issues and some spots where players were able to get stuck. Changes to Anubis and Engage were rather minor, fixing some grenade clips and a wallbang spot on the former while the latter received mostly fixes for visual issues alongside the removal of some boost spots.

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Aside from the ping issue and the changes to the maps, Valve mostly tackled some known bugs that occured during certain game modes and incorrect footstep sounds being played on certain surfaces.

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Image Credit: Valve